DIY for the Soul


This verse from 1 Peter is one that I often refer back to. 

During COVID, it was a verse that was always on my mind. My mind was, and still is,  filled with anxious thoughts. Through this verse, I am reminded that God's shoulders are broad, and He is made to help carry our burdens. 

We shouldn't be holding onto our anxieties, but instead, sharing them with God. I want to be the Christian that lives unburdened. One way to achieve that is by sharing our burdens with God. In the same way we share with our small groups and friends, we need to meet God in prayer and let Him know of our anxious thoughts, because He is the one who can demo them and remove them from us. 

We need to knock down our walls of insecurity and give God all of our anxious thoughts. 

What is God asking for you to share with him?