DIY for the Soul


One day years ago I went whitewater rafting during a summer in which there had been much rainfall—so much that the river was almost shut down because the water level was too high. 

As I stepped foot in the water, the current was so strong that it swept me away and I was drifting down the river before I even got in the raft! There was nothing I could do. It was such a helpless feeling, the water sweeping over me and leading me down a place to which I was unfamiliar. 

Life has a way of doing this to us as well. Whether it be due to a problem with finances, a relationship, health, or something similar, our souls have all felt overwhelmed or consumed at one time or another. This passage from Isaiah is a reminder that although he doesn’t take away difficulties, God promises he will be with us through them. 

In which areas of your life do you need to allow God to enter in and be with you?