Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage


Remember The Good

This verse models gratitude to God in the context of relationship. How much time do you spend thanking God for your spouse?

What was the first thing you noticed about your spouse when you met? Take a moment to think back and remember the first time you saw each other. It may have been their laugh; their eyes; the way their presence impacted the room. When is the last time you told them how much you like that trait? Today, take the time to share that memory with your spouse. Write a note, send a text, or tell them face to face! 


Lord, I can tend to take my spouse for granted. I pray you will remind me of the things that first drew us together, and that in remembering, we reconnect to one another. I pray that my heart will be softened to you, Lord, and as You work in my heart that I can grow closer to my spouse.