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Peace in the present 

This verse contains an active command: “Let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts.” This requires your purposeful cooperation and acknowledging that He is in control and you are not. Today, seek to engage fully in the present moment. There is peace that comes with being fully present, free from any shame of the past or worry of the future. Do you trust that God is truly in control? For all who believe in Him, He promises a future far better than we can dream up -- and this gives us a lot of confidence in the present! Take this moment to be still with God and listen to Him. What do you hear?


God, I thank you that you promise a future with you to all who trust in Christ Jesus for salvation. I pray that as I think upon that amazing truth, you will fill me with hope and peace. Lord, will you help me to think more highly of your promises? Amen.