Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage


Give It A Rest 

Some conflicts in marriage must be resolved. Other things, however, are matters of opinion or preference. With these things, we can choose to take the conflict off the table, or decide together to set the issue aside until we pick a calm time to talk about it. Today’s verse admonishes us to “work at living in peace.” It is a helpful reminder that peaceful living isn’t effortless, but it is worth the work!  Is there anything creating unnecessary conflict in your marriage that you could put away? What is one area of conflict that you can set aside today, in order to find rest in your marriage? 


Thank you, God, that your Spirit is at work in my heart. Thank you that you give your Spirit to everyone who believes in you. I pray today that you will grow me in the desire for peace. Show me any areas where I am creating unnecessary conflict or tension in my marriage. Help me to freely forgive and give grace.