Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage



Jesus did everything God had planned for him on earth. And he did it all without hurry, anxiety, or worry. We see through the Gospels that He always made time for people, and had compassion on them. Yet, He had the habit of resting -- He even napped on a boat in the middle of a huge storm! He lived in the peace of knowing God is completely in control of everything. Jesus calls us to his restful way of living. We can follow by setting aside time for rest and refreshment, trusting that the world is safe in His hands. Today, set a timer for five minutes and sit in a state of restful quiet with no agenda.


Jesus, thank you that you lived a perfect life, free from sin and shortcomings. Your compassionate example inspires me. Help me to quiet my mind, and adopt rest into my life. I pray you will show me how to live more like you lived, trusting God totally.  

Go deeper: Read Mark 4:31-35 for the account of Jesus napping through the storm.