Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage


His Purpose Stands Firm 

Reflect on what God has shown you through His word. Commit to work toward continually honoring God’s plan for oneness in your marriage, and honoring your spouse through daily grace and kindness. Seek to show love, not only to feel loved. Thank God for what He is doing in your heart, mind, and marriage. Ask that He will continue to show you what His good plan is for your life, and your marriage. Ask Him to bless and multiply your efforts to follow His plans for marriage. Move forward with confidence - God’s purposes always stand! 


God, you are kind and generous. I praise you because you are the creator and sustainer of all life. Thank you for giving your Word, to help me know you more, and to help me understand how to follow you into the details of my life. I pray that you will show me clearly how to follow your example of selfless love in my marriage. Amen. 


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