Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage



Today’s verses remind us that God’s faithfulness never changes. He is our source of life. As you spent time yesterday remembering the roots of your marriage, what stuck out to you? What were some of the best memories? Can you recall ways that you have seen God’s faithfulness through your marriage? Write down or talk together about any ways you have seen God provide, answer prayers, or sustain you, your marriage and your family. As you do this, think of the ways that God has been faithful to you through the time since then. God calls His people to remember what He has done. 


Thank you Lord, that you are always faithful and always good. I pray you will remind me of the ways you have provided for us. Lord, as I remember the early days of falling and love and marriage, I pray you will re-awaken the love I first felt for my spouse, and remind me of your continued faithfulness since then. 

Go deeper: Read Deuteronomy 8 to find context for remembering the Lord in times of need, and in times of plenty.