Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage


Real Life Marriage Dreams 

Beyond goals, begin to dream of what would truly make your marriage awesome! What would that look like for you two? Long ago, God dreamed up a unique purpose for you, and that includes what He does in and through your marriage. God is not limited by your current circumstances, so look beyond what’s in front of you right now. Think of His kingdom purposes; His heart of love for the church, for families, and for the poor and vulnerable. How might He be calling the two of you to live out His kingdom purpose in your family and community? How might you bring the love of Jesus into your corner of the world together? 


Thank you, Lord, that I am no accident, but I am your workmanship. Thank you that my life is not happenstance, but that you have planned good things for me to do. I want to live on mission, full of joy and purpose! I pray that you will help me understand what it means to “set my sights on the realities of heaven,” and that my life will be shaped by that remarkable hope. Let my marriage be a reflection of your love in this world.