Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage


Marriage Goals 

Do you want to add something into your marriage, like a regular date night? Or do you want to remove something, like bickering? Whatever the change you want to see, you can be certain that when it is something that will build your marriage, God is on board with it. When you invite Him to help build your marriage, He will meet you with the desire and the power to work toward His plans! Seek His purposes in your marriage and life today, rather than your own plans. 


Thank you, God, that marriage was your idea. I pray that you will give me the “desire and the power to do what pleases you” in my life and my marriage; that you will grow our marriage into the image of oneness that you have in mind. I pray that you will grow my perspective of you so that I can see that You are truly greater and more wonderful than I imagine. Amen.