Reconnect: Refresh Your Marriage



Forgiveness is essential in marriage. Not once or twice, but as Jesus said, “seventy times seven.” A thriving marriage is not possible without forgiveness! Today, consider whether you may be carrying any unforgiveness toward your spouse. Remember that in Christ, God has fully forgiven you. Ask Him to help you understand His forgiveness for you anew today. Ask God to search your heart for anything you have been holding on to. Then take five minutes to sit quietly and sift through what goes through your mind. If there is anything that needs to be attended to, ask God to help you forgive as He has forgiven you. 


God, you are the ultimate forgiver. I praise you for your sacrificial love, which enables me to also forgive others! I ask today that you will continue to search my heart and show me any hint of bitterness hidden there. Help me to forgive completely any past offenses I am holding on to, and live free from all bitterness.