Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



Relationships can be hard. In a famous scene from The Notebook, Noah asks Allie a seemingly easy question “What do you want? What, do you want?” to which she replies, “It’s not that simple.” From the time of Paul writing Ephesians to the creation of The Notebook, relationships have been complicated and, at times, caused great conflict. 

In this passage, Paul presents his vision for a Godly relationship between a husband and wife. But more than that, Paul also casts a vision for the relationship between Jesus and the Church. At the heart of both these relationships, there is a deep love. Just as Jesus gave Himself for the sake of the church, so should this deep love be present in our relationships. 


  1. Consider Christ’s love for His church. What did Jesus sacrifice in His love for the church — for the sake of those who were apart from God?

  2. Can you imagine this depth of love? Think of your friendships and relationships. How can you emulate Christ’s love in your day-to-day interactions with those close to you?

  3. Today, who is one person you can intentionally and actively show love to? As you do so, consider Christ’s love for the church and how this love should shape your outpouring of love.


Heavenly Father, relationships can be hard. I pray You will give me wisdom in my relationships to share Your love and grace with those closest to me. Thank you for sending Jesus as an example of perfect love, He gave himself up for the church. Let me love like Jesus. Amen.