Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



What makes a person good? If you were to name the five ‘best’ people you knew, what characteristics would they have in common? In today’s passage, Paul explains how a Christian can live in their ‘new self.’ He explores what a follower of Jesus looks like and how God shapes their life. 

In our world, it can be easy to label different actions and elements of life as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but Paul shows us in this passage of Scripture that Jesus is the only example of perfection. And at the heart of Christ’s goodness, there is love. This is why Paul calls us to “walk in the way of love,” as it is the path Jesus has walked before us. 


  1. Consider your own life. Do you think of yourself as a good person? How does God shape your life? How can people tell you are a Christian?

  2. Consider verses 1 and 2. What parts of your life can you change by starting to choose love, and walk in the way of Jesus? 

  3. Verse 32 speaks of forgiveness. Who is someone in your life who you need to forgive? Today, consider how you can walk in the way of love, and find forgiveness for that person. 


Heavenly Father, thank you that You are a truly good God. Thank you that we can look to You as an example of living a life that is filled with love. You are greater than any worldly example of ‘good.’ Help me to follow Your example of forgiveness. Amen.