Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



When was the last time you attended a gladiator battle? What about the ancient war? Most of you probably never have! But you might have played a team sport, worked in a retail store, or worn a school uniform. Certain situations require outfits, costumes, or uniforms that prepare us to play a role or fulfill a job. 

In this passage, Paul presents the armor of God — designed to protect us from the devil as we walk in faith. Though we live on the earth, Paul acknowledges the presence of spiritual forces that wage war in the spiritual realm. This armor of God that Paul describes is designed to strengthen our faith and prevent us from being swayed from the path of righteousness by any evil. 


  1. Paul speaks about the spiritual realm in this passage. How often do you consider the spiritual realm and the “devil’s schemes?” How does it make you feel, knowing heavenly forces are fighting for you?

  2. Paul mentions six different elements of the armor of God. Which of these pieces of equipment do you see working in your life? Which feels most important to you?

  3. You are not alone in your walk of faith. God stands alongside you and has given you His Spirit to sustain you. How can you put on the armor of God today? Who can you share the good news of God’s protection with today?


Lord, thank you for giving me the tools to fight against the forces of evil. Thank you for the heavenly beings that fight on my behalf. Help me to pursue truth and light through Your word as I walk in faith with You. I pray that I will be bold in sharing Your good news. Amen.