Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



Have you heard of the phrase ‘Carpe Diem, seize the day’? It has sometimes been used in movies, encouraging someone to take hold of an opportunity, without thought of what might come next. It is a statement of excitement and adrenaline, aimed to bring moments of heroism and victory. But in this passage, we see a different expression of how we might live.

In verse 16, Paul speaks about “making the most of every opportunity.” To live in faith is not to fixate on one or two moments of heroism, but to live for Jesus and walk in His light at every opportunity. Paul exhorts us to live wisely and to walk in the way of love whenever the opportunity arises. 


  1. Verse 15 exhorts the Ephesians to live “not as unwise, but as wise.” Consider your actions in the last week. Where have you been wise? Where have you been unwise? How can you focus on living a life that focuses on God’s will, a wise life?

  2. Spend some time considering verse 20. Paul tells the church of Ephesus to always be giving thanks to God. What are you thankful for? If you were to write a list of everything God had given you, what would be on that list? 

  3. As we encourage others and grow in the Spirit, share your thankfulness with those who have helped you in your walk with Jesus. Make the most of every opportunity to share the love of Jesus to those in need. Who are you thankful for in your life? How can you show them your thankfulness today? Could you give them a call, surprise them with a takeaway, or even offer an hour of your weekend to help them clean up their house?


Lord, I admit that I do not take every opportunity to share Your gospel and show Your love to those around me. Thank you for showing me the way of love, and how to live with wisdom. Help me to share Your love with those around me. Help me to walk in thankfulness and humility, acknowledging all that You do in my life. Amen.