Ephesians: How to Love Like Jesus



This passage can be uncomfortable as Paul speaks about unequal relationships — A child and their parent, a slave, and their master. But throughout this passage, there is an underlying theme of love and respect, as Paul presents a view of our relationship with God as he explains Godly relationships on earth.

Paul refers to Christians as Christ’s slaves (1 Corinthians 7), as we serve God, not with resentment, but with a loving and sincere heart. Likewise, God treats us in the same way, loving us despite our brokenness and failings. This passage shows how our worldly relationships can reflect the image of God as He extends grace towards us.


  1. Have you ever had an amazing leader? It could be a parent, sports coach, youth leader, teacher, or instructor. What made them a great leader? What actions did they take, what qualities did they possess?

  2. If you view God as your master, how can you live in reverent fear and love of the Almighty?

  3. Think of a friendship where you have caused hurt or sadness. How can you bring reconciliation and love into your friendship? How can you pursue the will of God?


Dear God, thank you for choosing to love me, despite my sinful nature and failure to live up to your expectations. Help me to be servant-hearted like Jesus, willing to give everything for the sake of others. Help me to love like Jesus loves the Church. Amen.