A Kid's Guide To Genesis

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God Created With Love

Sometimes when you look in a mirror, you may not see what you’d like to see. We somehow zero in on our flaws—the crooked teeth, the feet that seem bigger than Bigfoot’s. Yet the Bible says that you are made in the image of God.

We’ll have to wait for heaven to fully see God, but for now, read Genesis 1:27. God made you to be like Himself! Not just your body but your inner spirit and character, too. You can think, make choices, and love others. God included the smallest of details. Look at a dime. Did you know your body’s smallest bone is the size of the letter “D” on a coin? It’s in your ear, and without it you couldn’t hear. You are precisely and wonderfully made and the only one ever created just like you!

God declares His creations are “very good” (Genesis 1:31). He doesn’t compare you to others’ looks, grades, or friends. You aren’t a mistake. What does this tell you about God’s love?

When you look in the mirror this week, say out loud, “I am loved. God approves of me with ‘Very good.’ Thank you, God!”