A Kid's Guide To Genesis


God Keeps His Promises

Your best friend promised to hang out with you this weekend but then changed plans. Your parents promised you could invite ten friends for your birthday. Now they say five. What can you do? Read Hebrews 10:23. God is always on your side, and He is faithful to keep His promises!

Some days no one seems to keep his or her word. Even you struggle to follow through on what you say you are going to do. We’re human. The good news is that God isn’t like that. He sticks with His promises to be with you, love you, and take you to heaven some day. He’s a sure thing! He showed that to Abraham by keeping His promise when Isaac was born. God won’t give up on you, and He will be with you in the classroom or at the mall. He won’t give up on you when you’re in trouble. When doing the right thing is hard. He promises to help you through.

What things will be a challenge for you in your week ahead? What promises from God will help you out? How can you remind yourself that God is always faithful?

Take a moment to talk with God about all the ways He keeps His promises. Thank Him that you can trust Him in any situation.