A Kid's Guide To Genesis

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Why Did God Create People

In the beginning, God created a beautiful world full of plants, insects, animals, birds, the seas, and more. But He saved His best creation for last. On the last day of creation, God made something unique: people. He wanted these first people to be like Him, so He created them in His own image (Genesis 1:26). He created Adam first and breathed His breath of life into Adam. The, because He didn’t want Adam to be alone, He created Eve.

God wanted to have a close relationship with Adam and Eve. That’s why He created them in His own image. They were different from anything else He had created. They could think, they had emotions, and they could talk to God and worship Him. God planned for these two people to have children and fill the earth with more people who would love Him and talk to Him.

God didn’t need people, but He created us so He could have a relationship with us. We were made to worship Him and be close to Him.