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Why Should I Pray If God Already Knows What Will Happen?

Our powerful God is omniscient, which means He knows everything even before it happens. He has a plan for the world and everyone in it, and nothing that happens takes Him by surprise.

So, if God already has a plan and knows what will happen, why do we pray? It seems like we’re wasting time if God already knows what will happen.

Here’s why we should pray. God listens to all our prayers, even if He already knows what will happen. He wants us to ask Him for things—not because we can change His mind, but because He wants us to be a part of His plan too. And although we can’t fully understand the connection between our prayers and God’s will, the Bible is clear that our prayers can and do make a difference. “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working” (James 5:16).

When we become believers in Jesus, prayer is one of the ways we can get to know God (1 John 5:14). Sometimes God doesn’t give us the things we ask for because it’s not part of His plan. But prayer is never, ever a waste of time because it is time spent with God!