A Kid's Guide To Genesis


Do To Others What You Want Them To Do To You

That group of tough kids at school made fun of you and your friends—your clothes, your hair, your walk. It’s tempting to get even. Maybe you’ll go online and find your own mean pranks. In the meantime people tell you to smile and walk away. Can that be right? Read about the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12.

Sometimes when people play tricks or joke around, it’s funny. But other times, it can go too far. It hurts! In this week’s Bible story, Jacob tricked his twin brother, Esau. First, Jacob took advantage of Esau’s exhaustion in order to get the double portion of inheritance that Esau would normally get because he was the older brother. Then Jacob fooled their father in order to receive the blessing that Esau should have received. Jacob blew off the “Golden Rule” of doing to others what you want them to do to you. But God made things right in the long run. You can follow His lead in treating others like you want to be treated. He’s always right. As a result, the brothers’ relationship was broken, and it would be years before it was mended. Following the “Golden Rule” protects your friendships and honors God. It shows that you trust Him for justice, blessing, or whatever you need.

How can you treat others the way you would like to be treated? How can you show more kindness? What are you learning about not seeking revenge when you are wronged? When is it right to speak up when harmed?

Ask yourself: “Am I treating ______ the way I want to be treated?” Or is there someone who is not treating you well? Talk with God about these relationships.