A Kid's Guide To Genesis

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading


Be Careful When You Feel Jealous Of Others

One of your friends seems to have everything. The hottest designer clothes. The biggest house in town. Grades that seem to come easy. Sometimes you wish you could switch lives for a day… or longer. Is that a little bit of envy—maybe even some jealousy—you’re feeling? Read James 3:16.

Joseph annoyed his brothers. They envied Joseph’s deluxe robe from their dad and his special treatment of Joseph. Plus, Joseph was such a dreamer! Jealous and fed up, Joseph’s older brothers ripped off his robe, threw him in an empty pit, and left him for dead. His brother Reuben tried to save Joseph, but the others sold Joseph to a passing caravan as a slave. Brotherly love? Nope. Jealousy can deeply hurt others. What starts as a little envy can lead to hurting others out of acting in jealousy. Ask God to spare you from the pit of envy.

How has jealousy crept into your life? What about your family and friends annoys you the most? What about them do you like the most?

Choose a colored marker that represents the color of jealousy in you. With the marker, write a prayer asking God to erase jealousy from your heart.