10 Days Of Defeating Anxiety

Day 4 of 10 • This day’s reading


Letting Grace Lead

To the list-makers, goal-reachers, and perfectionists: you can check everything off your list and reach every goal with precision and timeliness, but if it’s not merged with grace, you’ve overstepped a boundary. Jesus’ words and actions were executed with grace because he wasn’t moved by circumstances but by the Father’s leading.

Grace lays the framework for all you say and do. It’s a safety zone that keeps stress at bay. When your mind is at war with your spirit, and your actions are directed by your anxious thoughts instead of his Spirit, it’s time to take personal inventory. Ask the Lord if he’s in the center of your to-do list. Stop assessing your worth by what you do and how well you do it; Jesus most definitely doesn’t define you that way. Let life flow from a posture of grace. Find confidence in the knowledge that whatever you do or don’t do, you’re loved regardless.

Jesus, your grace positions me for peace and contentment even when I mess up. I don’t have to do everything perfectly to be perfectly loved. Forgive me for being critical of myself and for allowing myself to be motivated by fear and rejection. I will lean into your grace today and follow your lead.