10 Days Of Defeating Anxiety

Day 3 of 10 • This day’s reading



What’s on your mind? It’s important to know. Most of the time we don’t slow down enough to really find out what’s going on inside of us. We’re busy and so focused on our problems that we lose touch with ourselves and with the Lord. Instead of feasting on God, we’re choking on our problems—consumed with facts instead of truth.

The Word of God has the power to transform if given proper place in your heart and mind. When cares become obsessions, they suffocate the truth. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, find a Scripture that applies to your situation. Read it over and over again until you can feel it renewing your hope. Then, be still and pay attention to the other thoughts running through your mind, inviting Jesus into each one. Yield each care, praise him as Lord over impossibilities, and declare his faithfulness.

Jesus, I yield every thought. I lay every care at your feet and long to feast upon your love. Wash my mind with truth and refresh my soul. You’re the Lord of the impossible. Nothing is too hard for you. Thank you for your Word—alive and powerful within me. I will not lose hope!