10 Days Of Defeating Anxiety

Day 9 of 10 • This day’s reading



Jesus knows us well. He knows that at some point we’re going to encounter problems that shake us to the core. Experiencing an initial reaction of fear is normal. It’s what we do after that initial reaction that determines our state of mind over the next few moments, days, or longer.

Jesus was tempted in the same ways we are (Hebrews 4:15), so we can conclude he experienced fear. He overcame it and gave us keys to do the same: “Never let anxiety enter your hearts.” Then he points us to the love of our heavenly Father.

Our hearts, the very core of our belief system, must be filled with a true experience of his love. When this love goes deeper than mental agreement, it has the power to repel fear. Fear and love cannot fill the same space. When we’re filled with anxiety and fear, we need a fresh impartation of his love.

Jesus, I resign myself fully to the power of your love. Though fear may attack my mind, I won’t allow it a place in my heart. Fill every crevice of my being with your perfect love. I release every anxiety and give you full control of my life.