10 Days Of Defeating Anxiety

Day 7 of 10 • This day’s reading



Life is filled with distractions that compete for our attention. At times it’s all we can do to stay on top of our many responsibilities. Busyness will not only dictate our time but our frame of mind. That’s when stress sets in.

Stress causes physical and mental sickness. But there’s a positive side to stress: it’s an indicator that we’re out of balance and need more time with Jesus. Stress reminds us of our need for his grace and strength but most of all for increased intimacy with him. No matter how busy we get, Jesus must remain our top priority. When you’re on edge, find time to spend in his presence. Let the house be dirty, cancel an appointment, stay up late, or get up early—do whatever you need to be alone with him.

Jesus, forgive me for allowing the outward demands to affect my inward reality. Give me grace to change my daily habits so that I don’t allow myself to fall into the enemy’s trap. When I seek you before everything else, my life is brighter and less stressful. Help me to respond to love’s gentle pull and never forsake time with you.