10 Days Of Defeating Anxiety

Day 6 of 10 • This day’s reading


Today Is a Worry-Free Day

Take a deep breath. Right here, in this moment, Jesus is with you. Release the past and let go of tomorrow’s concerns. Today, at this very instant, he wants to bless you with peace that surpasses understanding. He desires to answer your prayers, but he first wants your undivided heart. It’s in his presence that we find fullness of joy.

Give yourself permission to get through today without worrying. Turn your cellphone off, play your favorite worship songs, and take time to be alone with Jesus. If you find that problems, people, or situations keep popping up in your mind, quickly hand them over to the Lord. For example, if it’s finances, simply say, “Jesus, I trust you with my finances.” Don’t allow worry to send you into an hour-long cry of desperation. Our greatest prayers are the ones where childlike faith takes over and frees us from anxiety. Faith makes today a worry-free day!

Jesus, I choose to be happy despite my concerns. I don’t have to fix everything or know exactly what tomorrow holds because you are the Lord of my days. I place every care in your hands and leave them with you. I declare today my worry-free day.