10 Days Of Defeating Anxiety

Day 8 of 10 • This day’s reading


Let Jesus Lead

The responsibilities placed on us by others and our tendency to over commit can often result in burnout. Jesus’ way of doing things always imparts grace for the task.

It’s important to keep our spirits in tune with his heart. When we take time to listen for his instructions, he’ll lead us with wisdom. It’s when we say yes to everything and everyone without checking with Jesus first that we become exhausted and stressed. Even things started in obedience to him must be walked out with continued sensitivity to his Spirit. If we find ourselves anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated, we need to reexamine our priorities and get his perspective. Set time aside every day to enjoy his presence. When we’re flowing in his anointing and grace, things that normally suck our time and energy get done quicker and with greater ease.

Jesus, I commit my day to you. Lead me by your Spirit and help me resist ignoring your gentle warnings when I’m overextending myself. Forgive me for letting my priorities get out of line. I don’t want schedules to dictate my life; I need you to guide me.