10 Days Of Defeating Anxiety

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The Source

The entire Sermon on the Mount given by Jesus points to an inward position of the heart, regardless of outward circumstances. No matter what we go through, Jesus must be our ever-present reality. All that we long for, even during times of sickness, poverty, grief, or temptation, finds its fulfillment in him. It’s our trust in him—reaching for his presence and releasing every burden to his care—that truly sets us free and releases us from stress.

Often, when things aren’t happening fast enough, we scramble to make something happen. It can be hard to be still and give him full control, but it’s the key to experiencing peace in any season. As we learn to seek his face and wait upon him in stillness, we’re taken deeper—beyond the confines of earthly thinking and into a new and glorious way of living.

Jesus, I yield every fear, doubt, and frustration to you. I declare that you’re my comforter, provider, and healer. All that I need and desire is found in you. Teach me to still my soul and to wait upon you in trust and expectation. Transform my heart and mind in your presence and fill me with your grace.

This reading plan was adapted from Ever Present Love.