7 Prayers For Ferocious Warriors

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DAY FIVE - Prayer to Ignite Deliverance, Discipline, Dedication, and Drive

Father God, help me to seek You for deliverance. Don’t let pride keep me from getting free from everything that holds me back from the life You called and created me to live. Let me develop the discipline to maintain that deliverance, and give me dedication and drive to become ferocious in prayer and in life.

Lord, remove all pride, anger, bitterness, depression, and anything else that keeps me stagnant. Reveal methods and strategies that will help me grow stronger and more ferocious in my faith.

I will trust in You, Lord, and as I delight myself in You. You will give me the desires of my heart. I submit my way to You, and You bring forth my righteousness.

Lord, help me to hope in You when I face fierce battles in life and things don’t seem to be going well. Help me remember that You cause all things to work together for my good.

Show me who You have called me to be in this season. Let me see myself the way You see me. Give me supernatural favor and joy. Deliver me from yokes and bondage that have weighed me down. Give me a passion to follow You. It is so, and so it is. Amen.