7 Prayers For Ferocious Warriors

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DAY SIX - Prayer to Think Like a Warrior

Father God, I pray You help me to change my mind if my thoughts are not aligned with Your will and Your way for my life. I pray that You strengthen me to be greater than I was the day before.

Lord, help me to apply my mind to things that will benefit me. Help me to surrender and sacrifice every thought that makes me feel unworthy of the purpose You have for my life.

God, help me with my observation of others and my observation of myself. I come against any seeds of thoughts that have been planted in my life by the enemy. I submit my thoughts to You. I give You full authority over my mind.

I ask, God, that You teach me to know when it is time to strengthen my spirit and when it is time to rest in knowing that You have it all under control. I pray, God, that You show me how to be open but also teach me how to guard my heart. Help me not to fight the wrong way, but to think like a kingdom warrior.

Thank You for being the light that directs my path. I give You glory and praise for being my way maker. It is so, and so it is. Amen.