7 Prayers For Ferocious Warriors

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DAY TWO - Prayer for Healing from Hurt and Betrayal

God, I confess that I have let people hurt me even when You told me and showed me who they were. God, I confess that I tried to control my life and not to give You full reign. God, I confess that I tried to handle things that You told me to release to You.

But, God, I thank You for redemption. I thank You for always holding me up. I thank You for purifying my mind, body, and spirit to do what You would have me to do. I thank You for removing people from my life before, and even after, they betrayed me. Thank You for giving me peace about broken relationships. Thank You for giving me joy in sorrow. Thank You for protecting me. Thank You for salvation and for discipline.

God, I ask that You help me to forgive those who betrayed me. I bind, rebuke, and destroy every curse and problem that keeps me from loving people in the way Your Word has called me to love them. I pray, Lord God, that You teach me to be selfless. Teach me how to walk in discernment and to exercise it with wisdom. Lord, help me not to stay in relationships that I know are not going to benefit me. I thank You for all these things. It is so by faith, and by faith so it is. Amen.