7 Prayers For Ferocious Warriors

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DAY THREE - Prayer for Hurting Hearts

Lord God, I thank You for being my Healer. I ask that You heal my heart. I confess, God, that I have not always loved You or Your people the way I should. I confess that I have been selfish. I confess that sometimes I have played the victim when You have called me victorious. So I thank You for not keeping a record of my wrongs and for forgiving me and cleaning me up when I make mistakes.

I pray, God, that You wash me clean of every hurt and pain that has caused me to rest in depression. I ask, O God, that You strengthen me. I ask, O God, that You would stir up the gifts inside me that I may be successful in the spaces You have appointed me to be successful in. I ask You to bring meaning to every mess in my life and reveal Your glory in me.

God, place a hedge of protection around me. Thank You, God, for being my way maker and my help in the time of trouble. I look to You for help in the midst of my trouble. I thank You for giving me another chance to seek Your face and for turning this situation around. I believe it is so by faith, and by faith so it is. Amen.