7 Prayers For Ferocious Warriors

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


DAY FOUR - Prayer for Victory in Your Circumstances 

God, You hold all power and victory in Your hand. Thank You for being the fighter of my battles. God, I confess that I have been inattentive to Your voice and have pursued my own will instead of Your will for my life. God, I confess that I have hurt people in my own hurt. I thank You for forgiving me and for making my crooked paths straight.

God, I thank You that Your blood covers a multitude of my sins. I pray, God, that You work things out according to the will You have already spoken. I give You custody of my life.

God, I know that You are my peace, so I ask that You bring me peace. I pray that You increase my faith that I may be protected from the attacks of the enemy. I thank You, God, that You will expose every lie and redeem me with truth. God, sharpen my discernment so I will know who is for me and who is not. Help me to forgive those who have broken my heart. Give me the ability to stand in victory without worrying about those who have hurt me because of their own pain. Do not allow me to fall prey to the hands of the enemy. It is so by faith, and by faith so it is. Amen.