7 Prayers For Ferocious Warriors

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DAY SEVEN - Prayer for a Ferocious Lifestyle 

Spirit of the living God, I honor and adore You. I give You praise for who You are in my life. I confess that my choices have not always honored You, but I choose faith over fear from this day on. I choose to draw closer to You and to pursue what pleases You and not merely what pleases my desires. I thank You for forgiving me and loving me unconditionally. I thank You for giving me peace in the midst of my storms and for bestowing blessings and privileges I don’t deserve.

God, help me not to hurt others in my hurt, and help me not to become comfortable in dysfunction and tear other people down. Transform me. Transform my heart and mind until I see things differently. Restore my faith in You. Help me to know what to revive in my life and what to let die. Remove every spirit of anger that may keep me from trusting You completely.

God, give me clarity of thought and clarity of vision. Help me become more like You every day—to walk more like You and to trust You more.

I bind and destroy every spirit of barrenness, and I decree and declare my purpose is fruitful. Thank You for being who You are. I receive all You have for me in this season, and I ask that You give me strength to bear the weight of it all. In the name of Jesus, it is so by faith, and by faith so it is. Amen.


This devotional is based on Ferocious Warrior: Dismantle Your Enemy and Rise by Cora Jakes Coleman.