Fulfilling Your Purpose

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When you give your dreams the visual attention and prominence in your living space that they deserve, you’ll be surprised at how easily steady progress comes. So physically hang up your Stickie Dreamwall. Maybe you are saying, “Oh we won’t forget. I don’t need to hang it. It’s too embarrassing.” But oh, you will forget! Keep it before your eyes. Hanging it for the whole family to view will increase momentum and energy.

Frequently meet together to share and celebrate. With a tribe, you can accomplish more than you could ever do on your own!

Take finished tasks off the wall and keep them in a binder as a reminder of how far you have come. Create and complete the next small steps. Repeat. And before you know it,  your dream will be accomplished. Move your completed dreams now to the list of the things God has done in and through your life. 

Let's start today.