Fulfilling Your Purpose

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Today, we are going to embark on a Dreamstorming session. 

For a fruitful outcome, establish basic ground rules before you launch your Dreamstorming session. 

Rule #1—Any dream is valid. Resist the urge to say or think these phrases: "That’s impossible," "That’s not practical," or "That’s already been done." 

Rule #2—No Complimenting. Accept each idea in the same manner to avoid giving the impression that some have better dreams than others.


Now that we all understand the rules that will promote relationships and imagination in your Dreamstorming session, these are the three steps to a productive discussion to uncover all the buried dreams in your group.

Step 1—Remember God

Before we begin dreaming, we need to remember together the wonderful things God has done in our lives. 

Now write down everything you or others in the group say as fast as you can with a permanent marker on the yellow sticky notes. Abbreviate, write quickly, and press everything onto your wall or your white board until the discussion starts to slow down. 

Step 2—Dreamstorm

Next, grab sticky notes. We use blue ones. You’ll also need markers. Consider using a different colored marker for each person. Pass out a sticky pad to each person in your family, or have one or two people writing on behalf of everyone. Encourage everyone to participate. Then let the dreams fly, and write down ALL ideas as they come. 

Step 3—Share It

Dreamstorming is great fun with friends or family. Pull them together. Tell them you need their help to uncover the dreams of your heart. Who can resist that request? 


Don’t be embarrassed to reveal to others your deepest dreams. Yes, posting my deepest desires on our Stickie Dreamwall for the whole world to observe was a bit embarrassing at first, but it was also freeing. Now, I’m experiencing God take me step-by-step, every day, in that direction. When I was willing to lay down my own life

[Illustrations and audio included in this devotional are not visible in this view. Illustrations are only supported in the Bible App for iOS, Android, and at Bible.com]and admit His dreams for me, I began to really notice His power freely at work in my life.