Fulfilling Your Purpose

Day 4 of 6 • This day’s reading


We should have identified three key dreams for each person that can be easily accomplished. It’s time to turn your dreams into actions. Grab a different color of sticky notes.

Define the Next Steps: 

For each of the dreams you have categorized as “fairly easy to accomplish,” ask yourself this question: What is the next thing I need to do to accomplish this dream? Determine the simplest next action step. 

You may be tempted to write several next steps, but resist the urge! You may tempted to write down next steps on goals other than your top three, but don’t do it! It’s when we look at all the steps in accumulation that dreams become overwhelming.

Take the Next Steps:

Before you do anything else—take the steps you have outlined above! Don’t start on any other dreams. Just focus on the very next thing. Keep the steps as small as possible because they will build momentum. Energy grows as momentum grows. 

Remember that no plan is free from enemy fire. If something blocks you from completing this first next step, then do something different. Do not lose momentum. Find another way. Maneuver over, under, or around obstacles. It might be hard; because this may be the first time you truly have had to trust God with something you can’t do on your own.

Why should you stay so focused on the next thing? Because your spiritual enemy wants to distract and discourage you from God’s dreams. Keep the enemy behind you with simple successes. If you remain faithful in the smallest action, God will produce an immense outcome. Diligent faithfulness in these small, next-steps will build your hope and faith for the subsequent steps. Movement creates momentum!

After you have finished the next step, take the second, third, and fourth steps, and so on…one at a time. Before you know it, you have accomplished a dream!