Fulfilling Your Purpose


I pray that God has given you inspiring revelations about the type of dreamer you are today. As I mentioned in my other reading plan, Revive Your Dreams, inspiration and revelation will only get you so far. It’s time to turn momentum into practical action. Stickie Dreamwall may just be the key to get that started.

Stickie Dreamwall is more than a process of uncovering the buried dreams of your heart and learning to hope and trust in God. It’s also a tangible representation of what God has done in your life and where He is taking you. It is a tool to help you keep the momentum going and a way to share your dreams with others. 

The Stickie Dreamwall process is so simple and natural that your dreams will spill out of you and start taking shape in no time. You are literally going to create a wall where your dreams are on display clearly before you. With this prominent visual tool in front of you each day, you will have a tangible way to track the progress of your dreams and a constant source of encouragement to take the next step. This process will clarify your next steps.

Let’s start with the Stickie Dreamwall shopping list:
1. Corkboard
2. Push Pins
3. Double-sided tape
4. Blue sticky notes
5. Yellow sticky notes
6. A different colored marker or pen for each family member
7. Folder or binder to keep completed steps

Now invite someone to your Dreamstorm session that we will start tomorrow. 

I believe that through this process you will discover God’s direction in your life more clearly. Most people are overwhelmed with obligations, distractions, and even “good” goals that keep their focus away from God’s best plan for them. 

The Bible says that God chose you before the world began for a specific purpose. Don’t spend one more day postponing the important dreams He has for you. In Jeremiah 1, God filled Jeremiah’s mouth with words to influence kingdoms and nations and He is doing that for you too. Reinvigorate your life for purpose! Engage your imagination. Live on the edge. Ignite God’s dreams. Change the world!