Fulfilling Your Purpose

Day 3 of 6 • This day’s reading


We fail to accomplish our dreams when a lack of momentum discourages us. We are going to overcome this barrier together. The first step in keeping momentum is to gain momentum. You are going to build energy by first sorting your dreams into similar categories, either as a group or as individuals, and then prioritizing them by ease of attainment. This is how we build momentum!


After you have finished Dreamstorming, sort and group your sticky notes by similarity. Create a column on your Stickie Dreamwall for each category of like-kind dreams. Many times, your dreams will fall into similar categories such as physical fitness, business goals, spiritual growth, academic achievements, community involvement, etc. Grouping will help people form teams and compel progress together. 


Low-hanging fruit is easy to pick. In order to foster momentum, we need to find dreams that are easy to reach.

Each person in the group should identify no more than three dreams from the Stickie Dreamwall (regardless of the category or type of dream) that are the easiest to accomplish. These simple and easy dreams you identified are your top priority. Clarify that these dreams are your focus. Move them to the top of the group of similar dreams. Whatever you need to make these top three dreams stand out—do that.

Now that you are focused on a manageable number of dreams, consider adding other elements to your Stickie Dreamwall to enhance these first goals like a relevant verse or a photo. Get creative!