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Kenesĭs 1914, Ruth 1932 (Erromanga)


Erromanga or Eromanga known as Sie (Sye), is the main language spoken on the island Erromango also called Nelocompne in the Tafea region of the Vanuatu islands in the Pacific.

Bible translation

The New Testament was translated by George Nicol Gordon and his brother James Douglas Gordon, who were Scottish Canadians with the Congregational London Missionary Society (LMS). James D. Gordon was murdered in 1872. The work was continued by H.A. Robertson of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Luke was translated by G.N. Gordon, revised by Joseph Copeland and published in 1864. Genesis was translated by G.N. Gordon and completed by James D. Gordon in 1868. Matthew was translated by brothers G.N. Gordon and James D. Gordon in 1869. Acts was translated by James D. Gordon, completed by H.A. Robertson in 1880. Matthew was also revised by H.A. Robertson in 1881. The four Gospels were published in 1890. The New Testament was complted by H.A. Robertson in 1909. A Catechism was produced in 1914.

Old Testament books

Two books of the Old Testament were printed. The book of Genesis (Kenesis netiyi ugi ra potni) was published in Sydney in 1868. It was corrected and reprinted in 1914. The book of Ruth (Netaiyi ugi Ruth) was translated by A. Capell and printed in 1932. These were printed by Billing and Sons Ltd of Guildford in England, and published by the British and Foreign Bible Society (Baibel Sosaieti Beretanea im lo su pela sai).

Digital Edition

These were digitised for the Bible Society with the help of MissionAssist in 2021. 

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