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Махьтвеест Пась‐Евангели 23-28, 1878

Akkala Sami

Akkala is a form of Sami, spoken in the Kola peninsular, in the Arctic region of Russia neighbouring Scandinavia.

Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew was translated and included the last 6 chapters 23 to 28 of Matthew. This translation of the Gospel of Matthew was the first book printed in Akkala Saami. It was written, with the help of native speaker consultants, in Cyrillic orthography by the Finnish linguist Arvid Genetz.


It was published as Махьтвеест Пась‐Евангели in  Helsingissä (Helsinki) by the Finnish Literary Society (Suomalaisen Kirjalisunden Seuran kirjapainosen) in for the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1878.

British & Foreign Bible Society


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