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Dinka Language

The Dinka people live in Southern Sudan and speak different forms of Dinka. The Dinka language (Jieŋ) spoken near Bor was called Dinka Bor.

Dinka Bor Psalms (Diɛt ke Dabid)

The Gordon Memorial Sudan Mission of the Anglican Church Missionary Society (CMS) began work at Omdurman in South Sudan in 1899. Work with the Dinka or Jieng (Jieŋ) people began in 1905 when seven CMS missionaries who arrived at Malwal near Bor in the Sudan. Amongst them was Rev Archibald Shaw (1879-1956) who became Archdeacon of the Southern Sudan. Shaw learnt the Dinka language and oversaw the translation of parts of the Bible.

A Shortened Prayer Book (Kitap de Duɔr) into the Dinka Bor language which included several psalms. In 1956 the Book of Common Prayer was published into Dinka Bor in a modified form by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), with the Psalms of David (Diɛt ke Dabid) on pages 121-244, pointed for Anglican liturgical worship. This translation of the Book of Common Prayer into the Bor dialect of Dinka was published in 1956, to mark the declaration of Sudanese independence from the Anglo-Egyptian condominium government.

Digital Edition

In 2018 the 1956 Dinka Bor Pointed Psalms were digitised with the help of MissionAssist, for use in South Sudan.

First published by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) 1956. Digitised with permission

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