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Revised Version with Apocrypha 1885, 1895


Revised Version with Apocrypha 1895

The Revised Version (RV) of the Bible was the only officially authorised revision of the King James Version (KJV), also called the Authorised Version (AV). The work was entrusted to some fifty scholars from various denominations in Great Britain, and American scholars were invited to co-operate by correspondence. The revisers were charged with introducing alterations only if they were required in order to be faithful to the original text. In the New Testament alone more than 30,000 changes were made, over 5,000 of them on the basis of a better Greek text. 

Revised Version 1885

The work was begun in 1870. The New Testament was completed in 1881, and the Revised Version of the Old and New Testaments was issued on 19th May 1885. It was printed by Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Revised Version with Apocrypha 1895

The Apocrypha was added in 1895.  The American edition, based on the Revised Version, was published in 1901 as the American Standard Version (ASV), which did not include the Apocrypha. 

Digital Edition

This text was digitised for the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS), including paragraph markers, introductions and appendices.

British & Foreign Bible Society


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