Fruits Of The Spirit – Revealed At Christmas

Day 3 of 10 • This day’s reading



When you are filled with joy, peace follows. "Peace that passeth all understanding" is a saying I love. It is the peace which we have that cannot be explained while looking at the situation around us. As the verse in Luke rightly points out, those with God’s favour have this peace. 

Is God a partial God that for some his favour rests and for others, it is denied? No. He is a just God. God’s favour rests on all. But those who choose to follow Him and have a relationship with Him can experience this favour which manifests itself in the peace they have. 

How can you be at peace after losing a loved one, when our work is not going well when we are fighting life-threatening diseases and other chaotic situations in life? God steps in. He leads us through the path of acceptance and understanding the reality of life. A life of letting go and moving on. Letting go of memories, our evil nature and thoughts and filling us with the good news which carries tidings of comfort and joy as we saw yesterday. 

Truly you can see peace in those who trust God and go through these difficult paths. It is only God who can give us peace in this world of chaos. 

Thought for today: 

What does God want me to let go today to enjoy His perfect peace?