Fruits Of The Spirit – Revealed At Christmas



Do I really need to know and exhibit these qualities in my life today? In this age of teaching hyper-grace and personality traits doesn't God accept me the way I am? Sure He does but He also wants us to imitate His traits. It’s not about us working on these qualities but the more we desire and strive to be like Jesus these qualities will be seen in our lives. Just like an apple tree is expected to give apples and not mangoes, as children of God we are expected to show these characters as the fruits of the spirit. 

Fruits do not appear overnight. They are formed and they take time to mature before they can be enjoyed by others. So it is with the fruits of the Spirit. In today's world of instant messaging, instant food, instant service we want to bear these qualities instantly. 

Just as a fruit needs time to mature these qualities take time to mature in our lives. If you think it is not possible I would encourage each of you to start today and allow the Holy Spirit to work in your lives. If you have started and are discouraged because you seem to be going nowhere, be patient. Fruit takes time to mature. 

There is a word of caution here. Not all fruits mature and are good. The ones which get the right nourishment are the ones which are grown in the perfect conditions. The more we read and obey the word of God and apply it in our everyday life, we will see the fruit of the Spirit in us. We also need to be aware that when there is not enough nourishment the fruit will not be suitable for harvest. There is no shortcut, for our nourishment and maturity comes with spending time in the word of God. 

This Christmas season let us choose to accept the good news of Christmas and challenge ourselves to live lives that would help us hear our master calling us "Good and faithful servant, enter into your eternal rest". 

In the new year let us choose to immerse ourselves in the word of God and become more like Jesus.