Fruits Of The Spirit – Revealed At Christmas

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The message of Christmas is about joy and good news which brings comfort. Any good news always brings joy. So what is the good news of Christmas? A Saviour is born and there is redemption for our sins and we can have eternal life. As Christians, our joy should bring others to the good news and they should be filled with joy. 

The birth of Jesus is the greatest news for mankind. Man lost the joy when he sinned and moved away from the presence of God. This joy was being restored with the birth of the Messiah and is the same joy God wants every one of us to have. We can have this joy when we listen to the good news brought to us by the Saviour. 

A song I used to sing when I was small is a comforting and encouraging one even today which says, "The joy of the Lord is my strength". This joy is not because everything is going well.  Even in sickness, death, grief, difficult times, abuse, rejection and every negative emotion we can face, can still have joy? Yes! When we accept the same good news delivered to the shepherds two thousand years ago that Christmas Day when tidings of comfort and joy were promised. 

Thought for today: 

What part of the good news have I not accepted that is hindering me from having this joy today?