Fruits Of The Spirit – Revealed At Christmas



Gentleness is the quality of being kind, tender, or mild-mannered. It is the gentleness of Joseph and Mary that helped them become the earthly parents of Christ. According to Mosaic law, Mary could have been stoned if Joseph had brought her to the city elders when he found that she was pregnant. I am sure Mary was aware of this and the ridicule she would go through when she told people that she was conceived by the Holy Spirit. It is her gentle nature helped her go through the times people ridiculed her. 

Joseph’s gentleness was evident in his intention of divorcing Mary instead of accusing her and having her stoned. Moreover, his gentleness is seen in accepting Mary as his wife and taking care of her and loving her and being a good father to her son in obedience to God. 

One of the challenges of being gentle is facing abuse. People manipulate our gentleness with abuse. Abuse can be physical, emotional, mental and sometimes spiritual. People make us feel guilty of our actions and they don’t see our point of view. They think we are innocent or gullible and try to victimize us. But God will give us a way out and time will prove that our strength is in the Lord. Being gentle is not weakness but a sign of God’s strength. 

Thought for today: 

Am I feeling abused? How can I allow God’s strength to be manifested in my gentleness?