Fruits Of The Spirit – Revealed At Christmas



Faith is complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The Christmas story is filled with acts of faith. By faith, Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit. By faith, Joseph accepted Mary as his wife and believed she was pure. By faith, the shepherds believed the angels and paid a visit to the baby Jesus, By faith, the wise men followed the star to see Jesus. By faith, the Magi listened to the angels warning and went home another way. 

What is the faith we need to have today? We need to believe that Jesus who is the Messiah is the way the truth and life. We need to live our lives in faith that Jesus will come again and judge us for what we did in our life on earth. It is so easy to compromise this truth in today's world. Just as the Magi followed the star, we need to follow the words of Jesus in faith that He will come again and judge the world. 

Thought for today: 

Do I have the faith that Jesus will come again? Am I prepared for it?