Change Before You Have To

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Acknowledge What Controls You

KEY IDEA. Those things that control your thoughts will control your actions.

No matter how resistant you are to the idea, you are controlled by several things. Your employer tells you when to come to work. Your bank account tells you what you can purchase. Your health affects your physical abilities. Your attitudes affect your actions.

That’s right! What you think affects how you act. That’s why it is so hard to change. Unfortunately, change is impossible unless you recognize those things that are controlling you. You might be controlled by ambition, greed, popularity, or physical appearance, your desire for power, or what others think of you. In Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush, Moses identified those things that were controlling him. His potential was limited by those things he allowed to have power over his life. You face the same limitations.

TAKE ACTION TODAY. Take time to consider those things that are controlling you. List those things that you can change.